Top A.V.A. Players to Compete in the 2013 Tournaments of the International e-Sports Federation Hosted in Romania

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avaMMO publisher Aeria Games and other companies support and send ten teams from around the globe who will battle against each other for the title of A.V.A. (Alliance of Valiant Arms) champion. Players of the free-to-play FPS will compete in the finals of the 2013 International e-Sports Federation (IeSF) which will be held in Bucharest, Romania.  

AVA AIC 2013

The grand prize money of ten million Korean Won (€6.800, $9.300). Excited A.V.A. players from across the globe will be tuning in to the live-stream broadcast of the competition from November 1st to 3rd to see how the world's best fare against each other. Links to the broadcast will be announced on the Aeria Games A.V.A. homepage or your local publisher sites, in the forums and on the Facebook page. Video for the EU and NA qualifiers is available on YouTube.

For those who prefer their battles a little closer to home, the brand-new Clan Championship system is now live. As the first officially organized clan ranking system, it offers tons of great prizes for the best clans as well as prestige for the highest in-game ranks! Additionally, the system will now automatically find you a suitable match when looking for a new clan.

Players can take advantage of loads of exciting new A.V.A. features, like the new airborne mode, in which players parachute into the Port and Windmill maps for a new perspective on the battlefield. Thanks to the new second primary weapon slot, characters can also be equipped with a second weapon. The popular A.V.A. Mega Capsule is also back, with 12 new and exclusive weapons up for grabs.

All news and event information is always available first and exclusively on the official site.

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ava capl01

ava capl01

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