Team-based FPS Paladins heads into Closed Beta

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paladins logoTribes: Ascend-creator Hi-Rez Studios announced that Paladins is now in Closed Beta testing. Paladins is a fantasy action game combining MOBA elements and team-based FPS gameplay. The shooter offers deep strategy and in-match character progression through decks of collectible cards.

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Players who want to join the first Beta testing sessions should head to the official site and sign up for a chance of a free invite. Hi-Rez Studios also offers Paladins Founder's Packs that immediately grant you access to the Closed Beta. 

The servers won't be up 24hrs: gameplay is limited from 5:00 PM to 5:00 AM GMT. Streaming and video capture are allowed from the beginning.

Players can expect frenetic gameplay on vast maps, playing mostly on Capture-the-Flag-like game modes and take advantage of character progression by customizing their own deck of cards which will be drawn as the matches progress. So those cards introduce a new tactical element in the game, as they might boost certain character-related skills in combat. Paladins also offers a roster of champions, each with distinctive combat and movement abilities. 

Paladins will be released for consoles and PC as free-to-play game. Check it out, head over to the Official Sites category.

Paladins - Meet the Champions


Paladins - Closed Beta Trailer

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