Steam version of Line of Sight is now free-to-play

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los logo2As promised earlier, military FPS Line of Sight converted to a completely free-to-play title by now. Developer Blackspot Entertainment announced the release of free-to-play version on Steam. The shooter was in Early Access mode on Steam.

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A free-to-play, global version of Line of Sight was launched on Game&Game's platform in December and with converting to free-to-play on Steam as well the developer hopes to attract more players.

The FPS was supposd to be the successor to Combat Arms and as such it inherites contents and core features, especially the in-depth weapon customization system. Line of Sight ha been built utilizing Unreal Engine 3 and provides fast-paced FPS gameplay in a variety of classic PvP game modes, some with a new twist as players can play as "Psygens" or "Centurions", genetically modified soldiers who can take advantage of superhuman powers. 

While those super powers, including psionic abilities that can inflict large damage to the enemies, feature the main innovation in Line of Sight, not everyone might like it. But for those who don't want it, Blackspot offers the Classic Mode where players can completely turn of those extra abilities.

Line of Sight is being supported by ESL and check it out at the official site and at the Steam page.

Line of Sight - Steam version goes f2p







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