Line of Sight enters Open Beta today, launches as free-to-play

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los logo2Military FPS Line of Sight rushes into Open Beta. The shooter will be available as free-to-play game on Blackspot's partner channel Game&Game by today, but also on Steam where it still runs under the Early Access program, but might be converted to free-to-play in the next future.

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We remember: Line of Sight was supposed to be the successor to Combat Arms. Nexon had the publishing rights but cancelled the publishing contract with Blackspot. A couple of months ago, Blackspot managed to release the Beta version of the shooter on Steam, where it is still available as Early Access game with a price tag. 

Now Blackspot has committed to market Line of Sight as a free-to-play title. The f2p version will be rolled out on Game&Game's global platform and servers start on Wednesday, December 7th 22:00 GMT+9 / 05:00 GMT-8 LA. 

With other words, the f2p will be available worldwide on Game&Game and you still need to buy the Steam version, but this comes with additional perks and goodies of course. And according to Blackspot, the Steam build "will go f2p as soon as possible".

Line of Sight inherits some of Combat Arms' contents and core features, especially the in-depth weapon customization system. The shooter takes advantage of the Unreal Engine 3 and will provide fast-paced FPS gameplay in a variety of classic PvP game modes, some with a new twist as players can play as "Psygens" or "Centurions", genetically modified soldiers who can take advantage of superhuman powers. 

While those super powers, including psionic abilities that can inflict large damage to the enemies, feature the main innovation in Line of Sight, not everyone might like it. But for those who don't want it, Blackspot offers the Classic Mode where players can completely turn of those extra abilities.

Line of Sight is being supported by ESL, so expect a competitive, eSports-compatible shooter and check it out at the official site and at the Steam page.

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