ESL adds Line of Sight to its Play platform

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los logo2Major eSports community ESL has added military shooter with a twist, Line of Sight, to its Play platform. The first tournaments are already slated to start on October 22. For developer BlackSpot Entertainment "this is very good news and one giant step toward making a history".

I just had a look, the ESL is hosting tournaments for 56 games by now, including 17 FPS titles, so that would be the 18th addition to the portfolio in this segment.

Line of Sight's first tournament will be played in the Classic Search & Destroy mode (the one without the superhuman abilities) with 5 players on each team. At this moment only one team has registered for the tournament, you might want to sign up your team here.

Line of Sight inherits some of Combat Arms' contents and core features, especially the in-depth weapon customization system. The shooter takes advantage of the Unreal Engine 3 and will provide fast-paced FPS gameplay in a variety of classic PvP game modes, some with a new twist as players can play as "Psygens" or "Centurions", genetically modified soldiers who can take advantage of superhuman powers. 

The shooter is currently in the Early Access program on Steam and it is not confirmed yet, whether Line of Sight will be free-to-play in the future.

Find more information at the official site and at the Steam page.

Line of Sight - Official Gameplay Trailer







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