Line of Sight coming to Steam - launch date announced

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los logo2Military shooter with a twist, Line of Sight, gets a launch date. Developer Blackspot Entertainment confirmed that the FPS will enter the Steam Early Access program on September 8, 2016 and it will be available to gamers who purchase one of the following packages:

The Early Access Starters Pack includes a couple of permanent items. Blackspot plans to offer it for US$ 10, which is yet to be confirmed. The Founders DLC pack will be available at a hefty price tag between US$ 70-80, but comes with extra value.

Starter Pack:

  • Two Primary Rifles with exclusive skins for Early Access participants 
  • Two Handguns
  • One Character (Ellen Wood)
  • One Knife - 300 Gems ($3 cash value) 
  • An exclusive Emblem for Early Access participants
  • EXP booster (30 days)

Founders Pack (DLC):

  • Five Primary Rifles with exclusive skins for Founders
  • Two Primary Rare Rifles with exclusive skins for Founders 
  • One Handgun 
  • Three Characters
  • One Knife
  • Exclusive Emblem for Founders
  • Individual Dog Tags with player IGN written on it 
  • 1200 Gems ($12 cash value)
  • Two EXP (30 days) boosters and Two GP (30 days) boosters

All items are permanent except for the booster.

Line of Sight inherits some of Combat Arms' contents and core features, especially the in-depth weapon customization system. The shooter takes advantage of the Unreal Engine 3 and will provide fast-paced FPS gameplay in a variety of classic PvP game modes, some with a new twist as players can play as "Psygens" or "Centurions", genetically modified soldiers who can take advantage of superhuman powers. 

While those super powers, including psionic abilities that can inflict large damage to the enemies, feature the main innovation in Line of Sight, not everyone might like it. But for those who don't want it, Blackspot offers the Classic Mode where players can completely turn of those extra abilities.

There is way more information available at the official site and at the Steam page.

Line of Sight - Official Gameplay Trailer







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