Blackspot plans to launch free-to-play FPS Line of Sight on Steam this September

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los logo2Blackspot Entertainment explained in a Facebook posting that the launch of free-to-play military shooter Line of Sight on Steam might be delayed. The Korean developer is confident that they will bring it out later in September at the latest.

Blackspot's decision to self-publish the FPS came in May, when Nexon announced a major update which included to merge the gaming platforms of Nexon Europe and Nexon America. This means that all MMOs offered separately so far, will be serviced as one game portfolio for one Western market - and that are a lot of FPS titles.

Nexon Europe still provides services for: Combat Arms, War Rock, Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies and Nexon America offers Combat Arms, Dirty Bomb, First Assault and LawBreakers. That is a total of six shooters.

The platform merge came along with a "recent portfolio adjustment" that resulted in dropping Line of Sight, which had been in Closed Beta and was supposed to be operated as the "spiritual successor" to Combat Arms, but failed to meet Nexon's criteria as they "realized that the direction taken by Line of Sight did not really fit their vision and focus for the Combat Arms brand identity". That also led to a title change as the original title for Europe was "Combat Arms: Line of Sight". 

Blackspot has licensed Line of Sight for Brazil and Thailand, launching it on Steam is probably the only way to reach the audience in Western markets. 

Line of Sight inherits some of Combat Arms' contents and core features, especially the in-depth weapon customization system. The shooter takes advantage of the Unreal Engine 3 and will provide fast-paced FPS gameplay in a variety of classic PvP game modes, some with a new twist as players can use some of 17 superhuman powers against the enemy.

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