First user-made Combat Arms: Line of Sight gameplay videos are up

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ca los logoSome chosen players across Europe are testing the Closed Beta version of Nexon Europe's latest f2p FPS addition Combat Arms: Line of Sight. The Beta has started on 31st March and will end on April 2nd. Check out the first user made gameplay footage:

combat arms los special01

The Beta version gives players a sneak peak at 4 maps and 19 fully customizable weapons, 6 PvP modes and a range of unique superhuman powers and psychic weapons. Both new features did not seem to play a major role in the footage, but it might be really too early to tell, what impact the extra powers and weapons will have on the overall game balance.

Apart from this, the footage looks promissing, flawless and fast-paced gameplay.

Find more details about Combat Arms: Line of Sight at the official site!

Combat Arms: Line of Sight - User gameplay







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