Nexon to publish LawBreakers in Asia

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lawbreakers logo2Nexon will reveal more details about the arena shooter LawBreakers on the upcoming game exhibition G-Star 2016 in South Korea. The publisher plans to launch the FPS in 2017. 

The team at Boss Key Productions is working on the next build to be released for a second Closed Alpha testing, which will be made available on Steam. Boss Key and Nexon agreed to ditch free-to-play for LawBreakers, the full version will come with a price tag and maybe some future, premium DLCs? 

Nexon who owns a stake in Boss Key has announced to publish LawBreakers in Korea. The shooter will be presented on Nexon's booth at G-Star 2016 which takes place on November 17 in Busan, Korea. All Nexon titles are free-to-play in Korea and I assume that there will be no exception for LawBreakers. Nexon has been quite successful with converting buy-to-play games into free-to-play, such as FIFA ONLINE 3, Counter-Strike, Need for Speed, etc.

Nexon is also working on a free-to-play version of Titanfall for Asia, but hasn't listed this in the upcoming games portfolio.

A teaser site with two localized trailers is up.


LawBreakers - Gameplay Trailer (KR)


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