LawBreakers gameplay trailer reveals fast-paced, dog-fight-like arena shooter action

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lawbreakers logo2The first official gameplay trailer for upcoming arena shooter LawBreakers reveals fast-paced and dog-fight-like combat action. The trailer also introduces four class-based characters and more distinctive gameplay features. Check it out:

LawBreakers is a free-to-play FPS, grounded in a recovered apocalyptic sci-fi setting in which players choose to fight for one of two factions. Players are equipped with special gear that grant superhuman abilities, although the the set of skills and extras depend from the selected, class-based character.

From what we see in this video: Kitsune, Assassin class with melee skills, can take advantage of grappling hooks. 'Breacher', Gunner class, is equipped with an overshoulder-rigged rocket launcher and shoots with its primary at the same time, even backwards. Maverick, Skirmisher class, likes to attack from the sky and uses extra-enemy-detection abilities and Cronos, Titan class, is the man for the heavy stuff, equipped with rocket launchers and some sort of psychic bomb skills.

There are a lot of comments in social media of users who voiced concern that LawBreakers looks very similar to Unreal Tournament and Overwatch. As a matter of fact they share more or less the same gameplay features, but it might be a bit early to tell, as all three titles are under development and might be released in 2016.

Visit the teaser page and stay tuned for more upcoming news.

LawBreakers - Gameplay Trailer


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