Boss Key released UE4-powered first footage for Project BlueStreak

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fornite logoThat is pretty fast progress: Last year Cliff Bleszinski announced that he started working on 'Project BlueStreak', a free-to-play FPS, gathering a team of veterans in Boss Key Productions, and just after eight months development the studio revealed the first UE-4 powered in-game footage. Check it out:

Project BlueStreak is a free-to-play shooter, grounded in a recovered apocalyptic sci-fi setting and will be published by Nexon America who had secured a minority stake in Boss Key Productions. Comprised of a team of veteran developers, Boss Key decided to take full advantage of the Unreal Engine 4 and "is poised to create a new IP that redefines the DNA of the arena shooter".

The footage was revealed at their PAX East panel, features a beautifully, UE4-rendered map in a Japanese setting.

Check further details about upcoming Project BlueStreak at the corporate page.

Project BlueStreak - In-game Pre-Alpha Footage




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