eSports platform Gfinity launches CS:GO client for Windows

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gfinity logoeSports company Gfinity has launched the CS:GO client for Windows, which is a free download and enables players to enter and compete in the free and premium CS:GO weekly tournaments.

The client comes with a lot of features for those who play CS:GO competitively, including notification for upcoming matches and brackets, tournament registrations, built-in anti-cheat technology, automated recordings, exclusive lobbies and much more cool tournament-related goodies. 

Paul Kent, eSports Director at Gfinity says: “This is only the first step in a long journey, over the last 12 months we have listened to what our community wants and needs. We frequently operate our CS:GO tournaments at maximum capacity. In addition, our waiting lists are also at maximum capacity. With the introduction of our CS:GO client and server technology, we are now able to accommodate substantially more teams and players on a daily basis.

Gfinity hosts a 5-vs-5 premium weekly cup and has grown a vivid eSports community not only in the UK. The platform currently supports Call of Duty Black Ops III, FIFA 16, Halo 5, Hearthtstone and the racing game Rocket League. 

Check out further details about the cup and the new client at the official site.




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