All-Female Professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team is set to rock the eSports world

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Counter-Strike Online: Global OffensiveUnikrn, a gaming and eSports company, has assembled an all-female team that is set to compete in professional Counter-Strke: Global Offensive tournaments globally. The ladies have started their training and will begin competing immediately as 'Team Unikrn'.

Team Unikrn is comprised of five ladies, all from Europe, with Melania "Gina" Mylioti (Greece), Julia “Julie” Strunkowski (Germany), Perrine "Lalità" Allesiardo (France), Sophia “Kim” Benfakir (France) and Camilla “Parmaviolet” (UK).

Unikrn partnered up with Luxbet to provide full support and sponsor the all-female professional eSports team. The girls will play full-time and play on the same battlefields as their male couterparts. 

Although there are no impossible barriers for women to get into professional gaming, the communities tend to be male dominated, online bullying is everywhere and sexism does exist,” said Neda Samimi, Team Unikrn Manager. “Knowing this, the broader community is very supportive of women in gaming, and I’m excited that Unikrn is using our platform to help create opportunities for female gamers!

According to Rahul Sood, CEO of Unikrn, it took months to scout the "best female competitive CS:GO players in the world to build the team".

Team Unikrn got a website, which you can visit here and stay informed about their progresses on their route of success... or failure... Good luck!

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