eSports streaming platform DingIt launches Korean website

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dingit logoThe video game streaming and eSports platform DINGIT.TV launched a new Korean website with events and partnerships. The premier launch event is the CS:GO Asia Invitational. 

DingIt promisses to bring an extensive program of events and content that is already lined up. The Korean subsidiary kicked off with the CS:GO Asia Invitational with plans to crreate "the only official league in Korea for the skill-based shooter". will also be working with the e-CCA collegiate league in Korea to help promote and develop the pro-amateur scene. 

 “Korea was ahead of the times with their eSports culture,” said Mark Hain, CEO of DingIt. “With our cutting edge platform, it seems fitting to match some of the best eSports players in the world with the best broadcasting technology around.

All of DingIt Korea's content will be also re-streamed to the rest of the world and cast in English and Chinese.

DingIt is the first live video game streaming platform to not only support and develop its own proprietary end-to-end streaming technology, but also to host dedicated eSports events from around the world.

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