Modern.DYTV.EP from China wins CrossFire Stars 2014

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fear online logoFor the third consecutive time a team from China won CrossFire Stars 2014 (CSF), the biggest tournament for the most played free-to-play FPS Crossfire on Sunday 8th. Modern.DYTV.EP wiped out Pacific.Macta, BEGIN and PENTA Sports in the final rounds.

In the CSF 2014 finals teams from the Philippines, Vietnam and Europe impressed with an unexpected strong performance against Chinese veteran teams, but lost finally to Modern.DYTV.EP from China. 

Modern.DYTV.EP took a prize pot of US$ 50,000 to home, the Vietnamese team BEGIN secured the second spot and the Philippines with team Pacific.Macta surprised with a third rank in the finals of the tournament. Team PENTA Sports, comprised of European CF players, did extremely well in the finals, receiving US$ 10,000 for the fourth place.

Find out more about the national qualifiers and full details about CSF 2014 at Smilegate's official event page and your local Crossfire publisher.




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