CrossFire Stars Season 2 Tournament Concluded, Winners are AG.PEPSI

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crossfire logoCrossFire's biggest tournament has ended with the Grand Final on February 23rd. Team AG.PEPSI from China has beaten team EP.iG in the last match and could claim the prize pot of $50,000. 

CrossFire Stars Season 2 is the biggest tournament for the free-to-play shooter and awards $180,000 USD to its participating teams. In Season 2 sixteen teams from 11 regions had qualified, including 10 Asian, 1 North American, 2 South American and 3 European teams, which have been composed in four groups. 

AG.PEPSI is the youngest team among Chinese pro-players and according to their profile they "always go through 7 hours of intensive training including a thousand head-shots for a daily mission". 

Head over to the official tournament page for further info.

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