Space MOBA Fractured Space launches as free-to-play

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fear online logoIf you like space combat games, have a look at  Fractured Space. The shooter plays like a MOBA with plenty of tactical elements and has launched officially as free-to-play on Steam. The launch version comes also with new content and features for those who had played in the Early Access stage.

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Control giant spaceships and engage in two-teams matches with that highlight teamwork and strategy with MOBA-style lanes and sectors as players work toward the ultimate goal of destroying the enemy's team base. Each team is comprised of 5 captains who control one of 30 spaceships that range across light, medium and heavy classes and class-related combat features. A user-friendly feature is that you can test the spaceship before you purchase it with earned credits. 

The launch version adds AI-controlled captains for both solo and team-vs-AI bots matches and more improvements.

Developer Edge Case Games has acquired already 600,000 players who enjoyed Fractured Space during the Early Access program on Steam and is poised to deliver many more community-driven updates in the future: "With the support of our player community feeding into our Open Development philosophy, nearly 100 updates over two years have brought us to launch with intense team-based battles between teams of giant capital ships vying to dominate sectors, win ship-to-ship battles and achieve ultimate victory by destroying the enemy’s base station."

Check it out at the Steam page.


Fractured Space - Launch Trailer





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