Latest update for Fractured Space introduces custom matches

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fear online logoTactical space MOBA Fractured Space received a new update which allows players to create custom matches for training. 

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Players can now set up a one-on-one match or 5-vs-5 matches with friends or clanmembers. Free slots can be filled in with the ranks and matchmaking system. 

Fractured Space is currently available as Early Access on Steam, set for a complete free-to-play release in 2016. It attracted over 500,000 players so far.

In Fractured Space players choose a ship class and customize their weapon load-outs for a specific role in combat. Later on players can earn credits to expand and upgrade their fleet with more ships to choose from. In 5-vs-5 matches, players command their titanic ship and take advantage of their ship unique abilities.

Check it out at the Steam page.


Fractured Space - TDS Persecutor Trailer





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