Download Fractured Space on Steam for free this weekend - and keep it forever

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fear online logoEdge Case Games invites you to download the tactical space MOBA Fractured Space for free on Steam this weekend. And you can keep it forever with no additional costs required. Immerse yourself into outer space and control your gigantic ship.

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Fractured Space is currently available as Early Access on Steam, set for a complete free-to-play release in 2016. The Early Access had a relatively low price-tag, but to celebrate the game's progression, Edge Case Games opens the space game for wider audience this weekend.

This promo comes also with a game update "that delivers performance and gameplay enhancements and resets the game’s Tech Tree to its final version—all ships, experience and credits unlocked from this point forward will be reflected in the final game, planned for full release later in 2016".

The thing is, that this reset puts all players at level one as they start building a fleet of the game’s gigantic capital ships by successfully engaging in team-based online battles.

In Fractured Space players choose a ship class and customize their weapon load-outs for a specific role in combat. Later on players can earn credits to expand and upgrade their fleet with more ships to choose from. In 5-vs-5 matches, players command their titanic ship and take advantage of their ship unique abilities.

Check it out at the Steam page.


Fractured Space - The Escape Trailer


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