Space combat game Fractured Space makes impressive progress, launches new ships and crew

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fear online logoEdge Case Games makes impressive progress in terms of graphics, content, features and player base over the last six months, since the launch of tactical space combat game Fractured Space as Early Access on Steam. Nearly 200,000 players have registered and the developer celebrates this milestone by launching two new ships and 11 new crew members.

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The new ships include the Zarek Carrier and the Zarek Infiltrator. The carrier is over a mile long and carries nearly 7,000 crew members, a heavy ship focused on launch bay systems rather than direct attacks. It can launch multiple wings of fighters and bombers. The Zarek carrier should be controlled by experienced players.

The Zarke Infiltrator is designed to sneak behind enemy lines, where it uses drones to mark targets and unleash an Ion Blast that delivers an area of effect to marked ships. 

Fans of space combat games can check it out on Steam. The full free-to-play version is scheduled for release later this year.

Head over to their official site for all details.


Fractured Space - The Evolution


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