Fractured Space gets new features and ships

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fear online logoFractured Space, a team-based tactical space combat game currently available as Early Access on Steam, receives a major update with two new ships and new features. The update comes with a price reduction of 25% for a limited time.

With a background as a military warship supplier, Titan Defense Systems has now expanded to manufacturing their own capital ships with their first entry in the game, the Corvette. This general support craft comes equipped with an aimed repair beam and a variant of Titan’s so-called “smart weaponry” known as the Smart Gun. The ship’s drones can shield the Corvette and its allies from enemy fire while increasing friendly targeting and damage.

Designed for the close-range capture of mining station, the new Enforcer from Zarek Industrial has been added to the fray. Enforcers have systems designed to allow the ship to get close to an enemy and prevent its escape before unleashing its unique Escalate weapon that uses the target’s own energy against it with escalating damage.

Also, the first ship skins for the capital ships have arrived, as well as a loadout system to customize ship configuration. 

Fans of space combat games can check it out on Steam or wait for the full free-to-play release later this year.

Head over to their official site for all details.


Fractured Space - Steam Early Access Launch Trailer



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