Space combat game Fractured Space heading to Steam Early Access

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fear online logoThe upcoming online tactical space combat game Fractured Space is set to enter Early Access on Steam later this month. Get a sense on how huge the capital ships are and learn about the importance of the crew system with these latest assets:

In Fractured Space players choose a ship class and customize their weapon load-outs for a specific role in combat. Later on players can earn credits to expand and upgrade their fleet with more ships to choose from. In 5-vs-5 matches, players command their titanic ship and take advantage of their ship unique abilities. 

The ships are massive and controlled by a crew, comprised of five members including a Captain. Edge Case Games talks about how you can boost your battle performance with the crew system in the video below. 

Fractured Space - Dev Diary Log #4

Each ship in Fractured Space is unique, equiped with different load-outs and based on the classes. The Hunter and Sniper are both classed as medium-sized attack ships, each around 750m in length.

Head over to their official site for further details.



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