Edge Case Games reveals Fractured Space, a f2p tactical space combat game

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fear online logoEdge Case Games, a new studio formed from the team behind the space shooter Strike Suit Zero, revealed its debut project: Fractured Space is a free-to-play sci-fi-tactical-space-combat game, in which players maneuver gigantic space ships and engage in epic space battles.

In Fractured Space players choose a ship class and customize their weapon load-outs for a specific role in combat. Later on players can earn credits to expand and upgrade their fleet with more ships to choose from. In 5-vs-5 matches, players command their titanic ship and take advantage of their ship unique abilities. Gameplay is pretty much team-based and winning a match depends on tactical skills.

With its ambitious project, Edge Case Games wants "to transmit a sense of scale to the player - the feeling of participating in a massive space battle inside their own titanic capital ship, blasting apart enemy ships and working together with other players to achieve a common objective".

Fractured Space is set to be launched as Steam Early Access later this year, and will fully launch as free-to-play in 2015. 

The developers welcome any feedback player feedback in the last development stages while presenting early assets and prototypes, so check out full details at their official site.



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