Top-notch action, GFX & SFX: NCSOFT's Project HON Full Movie Trailer released

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firefall logo2This would have been the right action game for the "Transformers" movie series. NCsoft's teases its upcoming action mech shooter RPG Project HON with this "Full Movie" trailer, packed with cinematic action scenes, top-notch graphics and sound effects. Watch it now:

Project HON - Full Movie Trailer


You might want to start the video at 05:00, as you probably won't understand what the lead teammembers "Team HON" (the Korean word HON stands for soul/ spirit) say in the introduction. 

The trailer is based both on gameplay footage from PvE and PvP game modes, without UI elements but with the crosshair. 

The mechs in Project HON are being controlled by human soldiers who are neurologically linked with the mechatronical parts of the suits and powerful combat units who can transform into motorcycles or flying robocopters. There are also some special moves seen in the video, like melee attack (combos?), pretty devastating grappling hooks, rapid assault weapons and rocket launchers, shields and the feature to call for a more gigantic mech suit in which the player slips in and fights... Transformer-style. Not to mention that players can use most of the heavy objects, like cars, trucks and busses as weapons and throw them at the enemy and many of the objects in the environment seem to be destructible. 

Teamplay in Project HON is core element, as each of the mechs are class-based and equipped with different hardware and distinctive skills that the players would use also to help their teammates in battle.

Project HON will also be available for mobile platforms. 

Enjoy the trailer and stay tuned for future updates.



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