NCSOFT releases gameplay trailer for Project HON, it's a mech shooter!

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firefall logo2Two days ahead of Korea's biggest game show, G-Star 2014, NCSOFT released a gameplay trailer for its next flagship Project HON. What was rumored to be an MMORPG, turns out to be action-packed mech shooter RPG. Check it out:

Project HON- G-Star Highlights Trailer

Set in the future, in a world devastated by Third World War, players assume the roles of humanoid battle robots, which are heavily armed and skilled with extraordinary powers. Players can choose their mech unit from various classes, that have distinctive abilities and different upgrade options. 

The development for Project HON started in 2011 and was initially based on the Unreal Engine 3. Later on NCSOFT decided to take advantage of the Unreal Engine 4, as they wanted to create an action game with high quality graphics and effects at a cinematic level.

NCSOFT itself categorized Project HON as "Neo-RPG", so there will be game elements such as character progression, levelling and more, but gameplay will be action-driven and team-based. 

There will be more footage in the next days and more coverage about NCSOFT's ambitious project, so stay tuned to our site.


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