Free to play shooter Final Bullet enters the Indonesian market

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fear online logoG Plus Games extends its territories for its free-to-play FPS Final Bullet and partnered up with Qeon Interactive who will operate it for gamers based in Indonesia later in 2015.

For the past three years G Plus Games, comprised of veteran developers who had been working on the FPS Black Shot and the RPG MU Online, had been working on Final Bullet. The shooter provides fast-paced action gameplay with some distinctive features, such as the skill and ability system, various challenging game modes, as well as an in-depth customization system and a weapon tuning system.

Qeon Interactive praised Final Bullet for its "polished content and tight controls" and poised to set a even a new trend within the shooter genre in Indonesia.

The publisher also has secured rights to publish the highly anticipated action strategy game Kingdom Under Fire 2.

Final Bullet has entered Open Beta in Thailand and is set for release in Turkey.

Final Bullet (TH) - Announcement Trailer



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