New f2p FPS Final Bullet set to start first Closed Beta testing in Thailand

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fear online logoA new game is set to enter the competition of f2p military shooters in Asia. Final Bullet is the latest project of South Korea-based indie studio G Plus Games and planned for release this summer. The developer teamed up with ClickAlot to publish the FPS in Thailand.

For the past three years G Plus Games, comprised of veteran developers who had been working on the FPS Black Shot and the RPG MU Online, had been working on Final Bullet. The shooter provides fast-paced action gameplay with some distinctive features, such as the skill and ability system and the four game modes, which include a 'Realistic' Mode, Arcade Mode, FPS and TPS modes, as well as an in-depth customization system and a weapon tuning system.

Final Bullet completed some Pre-Closed Beta testing in Thailand and might be enter next Beta stages later this summer, here at the official site

Final Bullet (TH) - Announcement Trailer



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