Military FPS Iron Sight launch date announced for Korea

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fear online logoAfter five years of development and three testing sessions, modern warfare FPS Iron Sight gets a launch date. Publisher Neowiz Games and developer Wiple Games are set to launch the shooter on November 29th in Korea.

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Iron Sight - Closed Beta Trailer


Iron Sight - Teaser Trailer

Finally after five years, gamers in Korea can test their skills on a new FPS, although "new" here is a bit relative. Iron Sight had been announced years ago. Wiple Games' mission was to create a military shooter with significant modern warfare elements that would add more challenging features than the existing genre shooters. But that was way before Overwatch, a game that dominates the casual and shooter gaming market in Korea. 

Eventhough Sudden Attack 2 disappeared just weeks after its launch in Korea, Iron Sight faces strong competition and we'll see, if its gameplay, mechanics and overall balance will convince at least a small, but solid portion of the Korean gamer community, who still love playing military shooters. 

Built upon Wiple Games' proprietary "Iron Engine", and poised to deliver intense, realistic gameplay, dynamic environment interaction, large-scale battlefields, component-based weapons system and a special perk system. 

Iron Sight is set in a near-future, fictional scenario in which two factions, NAF and EDEN fight for world dominance. The FPS adds modern warfare elements to gameplay, including: air strikes, sentry guns, modern weapons and tactical drones. Deployment and active controlling of drones have a major tactical impact on the battlefield and are one of Iron Sight's core features.

Publishing rights for some Asian territories and Russia have been transferred to Neowiz Games, the FPS will commence its service on November 29th in Korea first. Stay tuned for more upcoming news as it is way too early to provide information if and when Iron Sight will be published outside Korea soon.


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