Wiple Games to kick off Closed Beta test for military FPS Iron Sight

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fear online logoMilitary-themed FPS Iron Sight heads into Closed Beta this month. Together with publisher Neowiz Games, Wiple Games will conduct the first Closed Beta test for Korean gamers beginning on June 14.

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Iron Sight - Closed Beta Trailer

This will be a milestone for South Korean studio Wiple Games. They had been developing Iron Sight for six years, having spent more than 2 years for the development of an inhouse proprietary game engine, named 'Iron Engine'. It is a military shooter, set in near future, not sci-fi, but with weapons and the related shooting mechanics known as by today and with one significant feature: deployment and control of tactical drones. The makers of Iron Sight make no fuss about that they are fans of the Call of Duty and Battlefield franchises.

The testing for Iron Sight will last for five days and select Korean gamers have the chance to get hands-on experience and evaluate 5 maps, 4 game modes and more than 40 different weapons as well as 18 different drone models. 

Iron Sight is poised to deliver intense, realistic gameplay, dynamic weather conditions, large-scale battlefields, component-based weapons system and a special perk system. 

Though publishing rights for some Asian territories and Russia have been transferred to Neowiz Games, Wiple Games is yet to assign a publisher for Western territories. Stay tuned for upcoming info, also to the official sites.





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