Closed Alpha Testing for Iron Sight announced

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fear online logoThe upcoming free-to-play, military-themed FPS Iron Sight reaches final stages towards its launch. Publisher Neowiz Games and Wiple Games invite up to 4,000 gamers based in Korea to participate in the first Closed Alpha testing. 

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Iron Sight - Official Trailer

The first test with a large amount of players is set to begin on November 11th and will last for four days. Alpha testers will be able to have hands-on experience with Iron Sight and evaluate 5 maps, 3 game modes and more than 40 different weapons as well as 18 different drone models. 

Built upon Wiple Games' proprietary "Iron Engine", and poised to deliver intense, realistic gameplay, dynamic weather conditions, large-scale battlefields, component-based weapons system and a special perk system. 

Iron Sight is set in a near-future scenario and adds modern warfare elements to gameplay, including: air strikes, sentry guns, modern weapons and tactical drones. Deployment and active controlling of drones have a major tactical impact on the battlefield.

Publishing rights for some Asian territories and Russia have been transferred to Neowiz Games, the FPS is set to enter Closed Beta in Korea later this year. Stay tuned for more upcoming news or find more details at the recently launched teaser site.





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