Teaser trailer for upcoming military FPS Iron Sight released

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fear online logoIt had been on our radar for quite a while: Iron Sight, the free-to-play, military-themed FPS, takes the next step towards launch in Korea this year. Wiple Games released a first teaser trailer... I was hoping to find more in-game footage.

Iron Sight - Teaser Trailer

Development for Iron Sight goes into the fifth year. The shooter is being built upon Wiple Games proprietary game framework and engine, called Iron Engine, and poised to deliver intense, realistic gameplay, dynamic weather conditions, large-scale battlefields, component-based weapons system and a special perk system. 

Iron Sight is set in a near-future scenario and adds with modern warfare features some challenging, tactical elements to the gameplay: air strikes, sentry guns, modern weaponry and tactical drones, though I hope the latter is not too emphasized. I am not sure, if the only bit of gameplay in this teaser was showing off shooting from a helicopter or from a drone itself?

Anyway, Iron Sight is set for public beta in Korea this year. Publishing rights for some Asian territories and Russia have been transferred to Neowiz Games, and I assume that Iron Sight will arrive on shores at Western territories by the end of this year, if not later.





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