Neowiz Games secures publishing rights for upcoming FPS Iron Sight

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fear online logoThe Korean publisher Neowiz Games announced that it has partnered up with Wiple Games to publish their upcoming military First Person Shooter Iron Sight in Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Russia. 

We got it on our list of upcoming Korean FPS for 2015: now the shooter Iron Sights seems to enter the final stages of development, as developer Wiple Games sought publishing partnerships and striked a deal with Korean publisher Neowiz Games. Iron Sight is a candidate for release in 2015 and Neowiz Games' third FPS to be added recently, next to Black Squad and F.E.A.R. Online in Korea.

Iron Sight is being developed utilizing Wiple Games' proprietary game engine, which they call Iron Engine, and is a modern FPS, set in a near future scenario. The shooter promises to deliver realistic and intense FPS gameplay, a plethora of real-life customizable weapons, near-future tactical gear and a skill system.

Key features like dynamic, partly destructible environments located on large maps and tactical drones extend the options to play the missions both strategically and tactically. 

Unfortunately there is no in-game footage or screenshots made available yet, except the beautiful artwork for the maps, but we hope to keep you up-to-date, so stay tuned.

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