World Premiere Teaser for survival MMO Human Element released, signals change of game concept

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skill special force 2 logoRobotoki released a World Premiere Teaser for their upcoming survival MMO Human Element and invites you to sign up for the forthcoming Beta, which might start in 1H 2015. I didn't expect the game to be that stylized and cartoony though. 

I had the impression that Human Element was supposed to be dark but realistic zombie survival MMO with an intense atmosphere, set in a post-apocalyptic world, in which players struggle for survival in hostile environments. But Robotoki seem to have done a massive overhaul of the game concept, taking Human Element to fun and stylized settings. It is probably no longer a survival game, surely not an MMO, but a multiplayer, team-based, character-class-related action game with a big focus on PvP.

I am not so much impressed, maybe because I wanted that dark survival zombie game, and there might be some strong contestants when it comes to cartoony shooters, there are Team Fortress 2 or soon Overwatch and Fortnite. What do you think?

But Human Element might take shape to a mature shooter, as it is set for a release in November 2015. The game will also shift from free-to-play to premium. More info might are available at the official page where you also can sign up for the upcoming Beta notifications.

Human Element - World Premiere Teaser


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