First Assault finally heads into free-to-play Open Beta on July 28

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firefall logo2Anime shooter First Assault will end its Early Access phase on Steam the next days and Nexon invites everyone based in both Americas, Europe and Australia to the free-to-play Open Beta which is slated to start on July 28.

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The FPS had been in Early Access phase since December last year and is now ready to be introduced to a wider audience, as developer Neople added and improved content. The update will introduce also a new game mode (operative) which was inspired the original anime series Ghost in the Shell Online: STAND ALONE COMPLEX. According to Nexon there will be new systems and optimizations that are based on players feedback. This also includes a revamped chipset system that allows more customization options for special attributes.

First Assault references the anime source material while advancing the dark near-future universe and bringing it to a frenetic but tactical first-person shooter game environment, allowing players to choose one of eight original characters, including the officers Major Motoko Kusanagi, Batou and Tagusa. Each character, representing an elite soldier of Section 9 with superhuman powers, has exclusive attributes that can be upgraded. Adding a unique layer to the experience, weapon, special abilities and body augmentations can be customized too.

First Assault also features "SkillSync", a skill-sharing system allowing players to share cyber-abilities with their teammates in combat. 

There will be plenty of content updates in the future. 

The free-to-play Open Beta kicks off this Thursday and can be download at the official site or on Steam.

First Assault - Official Gameplay Trailer

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can i play this game even if im from asian country?

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