Nexon America is Debuting Ghost in the Shell in the Western Market First

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firefall logo2This is worth a new article: We mentioned in a recent post that the upcoming FPS Ghost in the Shell Online will debut in Korea, which is not correct as we learned from Nexon America. The shooter will be actually debuting in US, EU, Latin America, New Zealand and Australia first ahead of the worldwide rollout!

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The rumors proved to be true, Nexon America will publish Ghost in the Shell Online later in 2015, even before a release in Korea. Beta sign-ups will begin already in Q2 2015. The official confirmation had been posted via Twitter. We had mentioned before that the game will be premiering in Korea, which is wrong.

The shooter comes in the same look & feel of the same-titled series Ghost in the Shell Online: STAND ALONE COMPLEX and allows players to choose one of 9 original characters, including the officers Major Motoko Kusanagi, Batou and Tagusa. All characters have distinctive skills, for example Motoko Kusanagi can use his cloak device to become invisible.

Expect frenetic, action-packed gameplay and stay tuned for more news!


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