Ghost in the Shell Beta user-made gameplay footage released

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firefall logo2A few selected players had the chance to get some hands-on experience in the upcoming free-to-play FPS Ghost in the Shell Online in Korea and brought us the first user-made gameplay footage. Check it out:

ghost in the shell splash01

Nexon's forthcoming First Person Shooter is being developed by its fully owned studio Neople and set in the universe of the Japanese anime Ghost in the Shell, produced by Kodansha. We are dealing with Cyborgs, who have been designed to be super-efficient in combat with extra powers and mechatronics body parts. 

The shooter comes in the same look & feel of the same-titled series Ghost in the Shell Online: STAND ALONE COMPLEX and allows players to choose one of 9 original characters, including the officers Major Motoko Kusanagi, Batou and Tagusa. All characters have distinctive skills, for example Motoko Kusanagi can use his cloak device to become invisible.

Ghost in the Shell Online will be released as free-to-play game in Korea first. In a recent Tweet Nexon America confirmed that the FPS will also be launched in US, Latin America, Europe and Australia later in 2015. Stay tuned for more upcoming news!


Ghost in the Shell Online will be debuting in US, Europe, Latin America, New Zealand and Australia in 2015 ahead of the worldwide rollout and even before a release in Korea. Beta sign-ups will begin in Q2 2015, as we learned from Nexon America. We apologize for this error. 


Ghost in the Shell Online: SAC - User made gameplay video

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