First test for upcoming FPS Ghost in the Shell: STAND ALONE COMPLEX announced

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firefall logo2Neople takes next steps towards the launch of the sci-fi FPS Ghost in the Shell Online and invites players based in Korea to partipate in the first "Stress and Check-up" test, which will begin on April 8th. 

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Nexon's forthcoming First Person Shooter is being developed by its fully owned studio Neople and set in the universe of the Japanese anime Ghost in the Shell, produced by Kodansha. We are dealing with Cyborgs, who have been designed to be super-efficient in combat with extra powers and mechatronics body parts. 

Ghost in the Shell Online: STAND ALONE COMPLEX packs a lot of futuristic features together: Cyborgs can boost sprint, use special powers, activate stealth, set up drones and turrets, detect enemies through walls, even share their special skills with their teammates, use hacking skills (in some way) and more.

During the first test selected gamers can get their hands on PvP modes, check out some character and weapon specific features.

Ghost in the Shell Online will be released as free-to-play game in Korea first, Neople has set up a teaser site here.


Ghost in the Shell Online: SAC - Official Trailer (G-Star 2014)




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