Dev Video Depicts Latest Update in Upcoming MMOFPS Storm United

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storm united logoIndie studio PixelBeam is working on an ambitious project, a free-to-play futuristic MMOFPS titled "Storm United" and has released a developer video which reveals the latest improvements. 

Storm United is not about your FPS skills only, "but everything from weapons, to gear, to vehicles has to be crafted, bought or traded. Be part of a clan producing components and equipment, build large production facilities and conquer areas rich in materials you need." Players choose between four classes and pit against each other on large open maps.

This seems to be a lot of stuff. If I extract the brief intro, Storm United would offer game features such as collecting resources, building, crafting, trading, vehicular combat, distinctive gear, clan wars, class-based abilities, large open maps and on top of that - hopefully - balanced FPS gameplay. Sounds like a mix of Firefall and PlanetSide 2. Quite a lot for the small indie studio that started working on this for two years... it will be exciting to see how things are progressing. 

Storm United hopes to get Greenlight on Steam and you find more info on the official site.


Storm United - MMOFPS - Developer Update


Storm United - Preview Trailer



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