Defend your Fort - Fortnite Gameplay Reveal

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fornite logoEpic Games released a new gameplay video for their upcoming coop survival game Fortnite. "Defending the Fort" includes the three gameplay stages: search for a suitable building, fortify it and build traps and have fun shooting at hordes of creatures.

In Fortnite players band together and explore the world, find weapons and traps, and get ready to fight off monsters which will be unleashed through the Storm. Players need to build their fort, build insane weapons and install vicious traps.

Fortnite features a special build system, that allows to build complex structures and even repairs during battle. The Storm unleashes tons of monsters which have to be taken care off, either with ranged weapons or hack'n'slash-style with melee weapons. At the same time players need to repair damaged structures of their fort. Looks like great fun.

The UE4-powered game features both campaign modes and PvP battles.

Signups for the Fortnite Alpha are live at the official site.

Fortnite - Defend your fort - Gameplay



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