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sudden attack2 logoAnother Korean online games drama, and the Korean online games industry and the community are baffled and shocked. Just a day ahead of nationwide holidays, Nexon announced that it will terminate Sudden Attack 2. The publisher will unplug the servers on September 29th. The free-to-play FPS was in service for merely a month.

The first announcement for Sudden Attack 2 was made back in 2008. GameHi, a studio who was taken over by Nexon and renamed to Nexon GT, had been working for minimum four years on a UE3-based sequel for Sudden Attack. The shooter made it to some Closed Alpha sessions in 2014 and it finally reached commercial status on July 6, 2016.   

With other words, there was a lot of time, a lot of resources and a lot of money simply being wasted. Production costs are believed to be over US$ 26 million. Add to this a couple of millions for marketing and the launch campaign in Korea, and we are probably in the US$ 35 million-region for the whole shebang.

Nexon terminated the development contract with its subsidiary Nexon GT, and as a result Nexon GT will receive a lump sum for cancellation and a minimum-guaranteed fee totalling US$ 11 million.

A financial desaster. What happened?

It's worth mentioning beforehand that the predecessor, Sudden Attack, had been one of Korea's most successful games with a couple of US$ 100k of revenue and for more than 100 consecutive weeks the most played game. Sudden Attack was dethroned by League of Legends, but still the most played FPS and one of the most popular titles among Korean gamers. 

Sudden Attack 2 was long ago scheduled for launch in 2016. But there might be those reasons why Nexon decided to kill it right after its launch: Overwatch, tits and probably lots of internal Korean drama.

As we reported earlier, the success of Overwatch in Korea came by surprise and shook the games industry and hit Nexon. The majority of the Overwatch players did not seem to bother about Sudden Attack 2's launch. Blizzard's shooter was launched in May and shot to no.1 of the overall game ranking. The launch of Sudden Attack 2 at the beginning of July had no impact on Overwatch's popularity. Nexon's FPS had reached top 7 for a couple of days, but dropped in the ranking and this might be the reason:

Female characters in shooter games have become a commonly accepted feature. Sudden Attack 2 prominently featured those. But Nexon GT might have gone over the top with those women in Sudden Attack 2. Players massively complaint about that female characters depict overly sexist features: exaggerated huge breasts, short pants and disturbing postures of shot female characters, invoking a questionable image of image of how the developers exploited sexism in a shooter game. Although Nexon reacted swiftly to the public outrage and deleted the female characters, it might have been a bit too late.

Nexon and K-Drama
The company is not a small one. They have generated a total revenue of US$ 1.5 billion in 2015. And adding to this financial power, Nexon seems to be making decisions extremely fast nowadays. Game licenses are acquired at an early stage, but if they won't pass a marketibility test right after launch, they are being dropped like hot potatoes. The K-Drama might be based on an incoherent relationship between Nexon and its subsidiary. Sexism accusations in online game of a Tokyo Stock Exchange listed company? No good. But who had the lead on the quality control? Why wasn't that been issued earlier? 

Nexon does not pursue to continue development for Sudden Attack 2. After all these years we followed development, Sudden Attack 2 has become a closed chapter even before we could actually play it.


Sudden Attack 2 - A Korean gamer's view on the sexist exploitation (or why Sudden Attack 2 failed)



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I've actually played it a bit on the KR server, was a decent game aswell, I was kinda looking forward to it...

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