Sudden Attack 2 has launched in Korea - will it be a hit?

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sudden attack2 logo Sudden Attack 2 has finally opened its gates in Korea and Nexon rolled out a massive ad campaign to promote the PvE content. Enough to compete against the new star Overwatch?

Nexon has started commercial service for Sudden Attack 2 on July 6 and it shot straight to no. 7 in the top 10 ranking of overall most played games in Korea. It predecessor Sudden Attack has slipped to no. 5, but as I am reading the top 10 ranking at Gametrics: the launch of Sudden Attack 2 had no effect on Overwatch, which still secures the top position and with a playing rate of more than 32% - meaning that every third Korean gamer is playing Blizzard's FPS. Sudden Attack slipped to 5th position and has lost its players to the new shooter.

Sudden Attack 2 guides new players with a cinematic tutorial, that plays a bit like a PvE game mode. In this tutorial players get familiar with movements and weapons while trying to save Scarlet along with a few NPCs.

Right at the beginning Sudden Attack 2 features two AI-controlled PvE game modes, in which players frag as many bots as possible in either cooperative or team competitive modes. A total of six game modes are available which can be played on 19 diverse maps and with 10 graphically distinctive characters. 

Although some reported sudden crashes, Sudden Attack 2 delivers solid gameplay experience and provides what was expected: contents and mechanics of its predecessor, but upgraded graphics, powered by UE3, more weapon customization options and some more minor features. It definetely has the material to dethrone Sudden Attack which had been the most played game in Korea for years, but it will be tough to compete against Overwatch - tons of content for updates must be in the pipeline.

Stay tuned for more info or at the official sites.


Sudden Attack 2 - Cinematic Launch Trailer


Sudden Attack 2 - Launch Trailer


 Sudden Attack 2 - Tutorial / Prologue Trailer

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