Sudden Attack 2 launches in Korea July 6

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sudden attack2 logoSudden Attack, the most played FPS game in Korea, had been dethroned by Overwatch in May. Its predecessor Sudden Attack 2 had been developed for years and is finally announced to be launched in full swing on July 6 in Korea.

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Sudden Attack had been the most played game and the most played FPS game in Korea for years, but never found success outside its home turf. Nexon decided to work on a prequel back in 2008 and even announced it for launch in 2014. 

Nexon phased out Sudden Attack in almost all other countries where it had been launched and did not bother to finish Sudden Attack 2, because it would still generate solid revenue in Korea. The logic is to have Sudden Attack 1 players slowly transferred to Sudden Attack 2 which inherits the same game mechanics and even content, such as maps, but comes with UE3-powered graphics, sounds and an in-depth weapon customization system.   

On top of the same features, Nexon praises a "sensational hit impact", new challenging, upgraded game modes and all-new characters. With other words, Sudden Attack 2 looks better, sounds better and got more to offer, but maintains the core gameplay and feel of Sudden Attack 1. 

Market watchers and maybe Nexon themselves have been surprised by Overwatch's smashing success in Korea. Since launch in May, Overwatch has topped 25% playing rate and is the second most played game after League of Legends (over 30%). With other words half of South Korean gamers are either playing LoL or Overwatch, which is stunning since there is almost no market in Korea for buy-to-play games and Overwatch isn't free-to-play too. Sudden Attack comes in third place, having lost some players to Overwatch and it will be interesting to see, what impact the launch of Sudden Attack 2 will have on the overall ranking.

For the moment, there is no indication that Sudden Attack 2 will be released to Western territories. As Nexon Europe and Nexon America are in the progress of merging platforms, there will be a total of six FPS titles in the game portfolio: Combat Arms, War Rock, Dirty Bomb, First Assault, LawBreakers and Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies. 

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+1 #1 YXJenny 2016-06-17 09:21
Finally, I can play Sudden Attack 2. Hope Nexon won't change the release date. Anyone want to join SA2 KR can get account from here

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