Sudden Attack 2 announces dates for Closed Beta testing in Korea

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sudden attack2 logoFinal Closed Beta test before Open Beta kicks off? Or more Betas to come? No one knows, but Nexon GT is not in any hurry. The developer announced the dates for a Closed Beta test for the FPS Sudden Attack 2 which is slated for April 14, almost two years after the first Closed Alpha.

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Publisher Nexon and its studio Nexon GT are slowly, almost carefully, progressing towards launch of the upcoming FPS Sudden Attack 2. The reason is that its predecessor Sudden Attack 1 is still South Korea's most played shooter game and currently the 2nd most played PC game overall (I just checked the overall game rankings for Korea)! 

While Nexon phased out Sudden Attack 1 in almost all other countries, the FPS generates millions of dollars each month, and it seems quite logic that Nexon will try keep the player community and have them slowly transferred to a upgraded version. Sudden Attack 2 will inherit the game mechanics and even content, such as maps, but comes with polished graphics, sounds and an in-depth weapon customization system.   

Nexon will conduct the six-day Closed Beta Test for gamers based in Korea only. Although there are no official statements being made, we think that prospects are rather slim that Sudden Attack 2 could be launched in Western territories even by mid 2017. It might be released on Steam, as Nexon used the platform for distribution of the two free-to-play FPS Dirty Bomb and First Assault.

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