Sudden Attack 2 introduces new content at G-STAR 2015, readies for launch in summer 2016

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fornite logoThe developers at Nexon GT take their time. While the free-to-play FPS Sudden Attack has been phased out in the Western world, its successor Sudden Attack 2 is going to be launched in 2016. Like last year, Nexon will showcase some "new" stuff at Korea's biggest game show, G-STAR 2015.

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Sudden Attack 1 is still Korea's most loved FPS game and one of Nexon's solid cashcows, even 10 years after its first launch. Something you don't want to change unless there is a good reason for it. So the developers at Nexon GT take their time and are working on something that is rather a polished, contemporary version, which keeps all the game features, mechanics and the basics. 

It's the second time that Nexon "showcases" Sudden Attack 2 at G-STAR. This time they will be introducing two female characters, Miya and Kim Jiyun, two maps, an advanced weapon customization system and weapon skins. 

The FPS will probably see another Beta test session before its launch in summer 2016, and we believe that it won't make it to Europe and North America that soon, if ever. 


Sudden Attack 2 - G-STAR 2015 Trailer


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0 #2 Jay_FPSReport 2015-11-19 04:44
Quoting Aeon:
If ever? :o

Nexon's major FPS titles will be Dirty Bomb and LawBreakers in NA/EU.
0 #1 Aeon 2015-11-12 10:13
If ever? :o

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