Sudden Attack 2 introduces all-new game mode Squad War

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fornite logoWhile G-Star 2014, Korea's biggest game show, is still ongoing, Nexon introduced the all-new game mode Squad War for its upcoming FPS highlight Sudden Attack 2. This and more features are being unveiled in new game trailers:

The first Closed Beta for Sudden Attack 2 was conducted in August 2014 and has given the impression that Nexon is on track to create a worthy successor to Korea's most played FPS Sudden Attack 1. Sudden Attack 2 inherits almost all key features of its predecessor, but adds improvements especially with the up-to-date UE3-powered visuals and an in-depth weapon assembly system.

The first official trailer highlights:

  1. "Stunning graphics quality"
  2. "Sensational hit impact"
  3. "Stylish weapon customization"
  4. "Various game modes"
  5. "Strategic special contents: Squad War"

Sudden Attack 2 - Official Trailer (G-Star 2014)

The last feature was created with the intention to add some more spice to the shooter: Squad War is a special game mode, in which the player assumes the role of a squad leader and commands its AI-controlled teammates by planing a tactical approach in advance and order them to execute the actions. This includes also battle dogs.  

Sudden Attack 2 - Squad War

Sudden Attack 2 might be soon released in Korea, stay tuned for the latest news.

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