Nexon terminates Sudden Attack 2

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sudden attack2 logoAnother Korean online games drama, and the Korean online games industry and the community are baffled and shocked. Just a day ahead of nationwide holidays, Nexon announced that it will terminate Sudden Attack 2. The publisher will unplug the servers on September 29th. The free-to-play FPS was in service for merely a month.

Sudden Attack 2 announces dates for Closed Beta testing in Korea

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sudden attack2 logoFinal Closed Beta test before Open Beta kicks off? Or more Betas to come? No one knows, but Nexon GT is not in any hurry. The developer announced the dates for a Closed Beta test for the FPS Sudden Attack 2 which is slated for April 14, almost two years after the first Closed Alpha.

Sudden Attack 2 introduces new content at G-STAR 2015, readies for launch in summer 2016

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fornite logoThe developers at Nexon GT take their time. While the free-to-play FPS Sudden Attack has been phased out in the Western world, its successor Sudden Attack 2 is going to be launched in 2016. Like last year, Nexon will showcase some "new" stuff at Korea's biggest game show, G-STAR 2015.

Sudden Attack 2 introduces all-new game mode Squad War

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fornite logoWhile G-Star 2014, Korea's biggest game show, is still ongoing, Nexon introduced the all-new game mode Squad War for its upcoming FPS highlight Sudden Attack 2. This and more features are being unveiled in new game trailers:

Sudden Attack 2 Closed Alpha Test concluded, feedback unanimously positive

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fornite logoThe Closed Alpha testing for Sudden Attack 2, the successor to South Korea's most played FPS, has concluded last week, and it does not disappoint, the feedback is generally positive. Check out the latest gameplay videos:

Nexon Korea takes step towards launch of Sudden Attack 2, calling for Alpha testers

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fornite logoThe launch of free-to-play FPS Sudden Attack 2 is due later this year. Eventually. At least, the first Closed Beta might start this fall, as Nexon Korea is now inviting Korean gamers to apply for the Closed Alpha test.