Preview reveal: Dreadnought is a slow-paced but action-packed aerial combat game

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fear online logoThe upcoming aerial combat game Dreadnought is the slowest-paced shooter that we will include in our list, but will deliver epic, action-packed spaceship battles and deep tactical gameplay as German PC Games ensures in their preview. Check out the first gameplay footage: 

Following the critically acclaimed Third Person Shooter Spec Ops: The Line, Yager is working on its first game that enters the free-to-play space. Dreadnought is an aerial armada action game, set in 500 years in the future, in which you take control of a huge spaceship. The spaceships are classified in five categories: Destroyer, Artillery Cruiser, Corvette, Tactical Cruiser and Dreadnought. They can be equipped with class-related primary and secondary weapons, gear and four distinctive special abilities. And most importantly the weight translates directly into the ship maneuverability, the Corvette and the Tactical Cruiser can navigate faster and strike quickly, and there is the Dreadnaught, the heaviest class, slow, to be protected, but armed with massive firepower.

PC Games states that Dreadnought is not a fast-paced game, but delivers epic space fights that are heavily based on tactical teamplay and your ability to maneuver your ship into the right positions by dealing with the inertia, the sheer masses of your ship. Not to mention that you have to enter the battlefield with a well balanced armada, as each class has a dinstinctive role and is armed with different sets of weapons and abilities, like shield-ups, adding to the complexity in battle. 

Expect more features to be announced and details about how Yager wants to involve the community in the next future. The game is set to be launched in 2015.

Dreadnought is to be published by Greybox, stay tuned to their official site.

Dreadnought - Preview by PC Games


Dreadnaught - Official Teaser Trailer




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