CCP Games' announcement of Project Legion angers DUST 514 players

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defiance logoDuring the EVE Fanfest 2014 in Reykjavik CCP surprised the audience at a keynote with the reveal of Project Legion, a new free-to-play FPS. While the audience applauded, the DUST 514 community expresses their disappointement (politely expressed) in the forums and on Facebook.

What happened? DUST 514 is a free-to-play FPS, exclusively developed for the PlayStation 3 platform and somehow connected to the EVE universe.
Project Legion is being developed for PC and poised to "merge a deep sandbox experience with an FPS in New Eden, to create a massive living world more meaningful as real life", as CCP Frame describes in an introduction. But instead of modifying and developing the existing DUST 514 engines, the team at CCP decided to create Project Legion as a separate game for PC, although there might be similarities. 
This angered DUST 514 players, who expected news and upcoming updates for DUST 514 at the keynote and fear now that the shooter will face termination.
Some expressed "that [they] were merely beta testing for the PC gamer's full version" and CCP "just funded the consoles extinction". 
CCP quickly announced afterwards that will not stop development for DUST 514 and confirmed that they "remain commited to continuing to improve the experience on PS3...".
Project Legion will be much more than a typical shooter, as CCP wants to create a massive world, with player-driven economy, PvE gameplay
and obviously a deeper interactivity with the EVE universe. The development is at an early stage.

Project Legion

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