MMOFPS H1Z1: King of the Hill will launch on Sep 20

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defiance logoEarlier this year, Daybreak Games decided to split the survival MMO H1Z1 into two games. While H1Z1: Just survive is about surviving in an open world, H1Z1: King of the Hill evolved into a MMOFPS featuring frenetic, large-scale PvP battles. H1Z1: King of the Hill will officially release out of Steam Early Access on September 20th. 

H1Z1: King of the Hill has evolved from its community feedback during the Early Access stage on Steam. The decision was made to deliver a "fully realized, highly intense multiplayer shooter" with H1Z1: King of the Hill as being "inherently competitive, but by design all players have a chance of claiming the coveted number one spot, not just the elite. The feeling you get when you outlast hundreds of other players – it is what drives players to compete – and you can’t get it anywhere else."
The launch version of H1Z1: King of the Hill include The Arena, a revamped large world map, new UI, training mode, Twitch integration, a scoring system and Seasons. 
It's an MMOFPS, where 150 players pit against each other or in teams. The goal is pretty much fight-to-death, either solo or in team-based matches.
H1Z1: King of the Hill will launch for US$ 29.99 on September 20. 
Find out more details on the official site.

H1Z1: King of the Hill - Launch Trailer




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