Zombies Monsters Robots adds new twist with Game of Drones

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fear online logoFree-to-play Third Person Shooter Zombies Monsters Robots will add a new feature with the next content update titled 'Game of Drones', introducing a fleet of drone companions that provide backup in many challenging co-op scenarios.

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Game of Drones will also expand the range of content with new maps, a new competitive game mode and a new improved leveling-rewards-system. Players will be able to unlock four unique drone types, each with their distinctive attributes and use them in co-op game modes.

Among the new maps, players can test their skills in the challenging Assault Ops co-op campaign "Occupied Earth" or in "Charnel Halls", a multi-level map for ZMR's exclusive Mercs vs. Monster mode, in which players assume control of one of more than 20 unique playable character classes.

But the most impactful change coming with Game of Drones might be the new leveling-rewards-system, which grants players more permantent items just for leveling up, so all in all there is plenty to be check out at the official site!



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zmr cap141

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